Thank you for considering one of our Chows to add to your family. We are very selective to whom we sell a dog to. If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies, please fill out this application.

Your Name:


Home Phone:

 Work Phone:

Best Time to Call: 

E-mail Address:



Do you own or rent your home?

If you rent, do you have the landlord’s permission to keep a dog?

Landlords Permission must be obtained

Do you live in a ____ House ____Apartment ____Townhouse _____Other______________________________


Do you have a completely fenced back or front yard suitable for a dog?

Do you have a kennel run?

Describe fence or kennel run - type, height and size:

If no fence or kennel run, how will you handle the Chow’s exercise and toilet needs?

Do you have a suitable dog crate?

If no, are you willing to purchase one?


How many adults in the household? Children?

Age and gender of children:

IF you have kids, have they been taught to respect a dog?

Are any members of your household allergic to animals?

Who in the household will have the main responsibility of caring for this pet?

How many hours will the dog be alone?

Please describe your lifestyle: ____Active ____Passive ____In Between

IF you work Full or part time, will you have the time to take care of the dog? Who will walk and feed and play with the dog?



Do you own other dogs? Spayed/Neutered?

Please list breed, size, and gender of each: 

Do you have a religion or problem with having a dog altered? (spay or neutered)

Do you own cats? If yes, how many?

Any other animals? If yes, please describe:

How many dogs have you owned in the past five years?

Where did they come from -- Pet Store, Breeder, Newspaper, etc.

If you do not still own the dog(s), please describe what happened to it/them: Please be specific:

Have you ever returned a pet to the breeder?

If so, what were the circumstances?

Have you ever given a pet away?

If so what were the circumstances?

Have you ever taken a pet to the pound or shelter?

If so what were the circumstances?

Vet References (for each pet named above)

Have you owned this type of breed before?

Why did you choose this breed?

Do you know what this breed is bred to do? If so, what?

What activities do you plan on doing with this dog? ____ pet ____show ____guard ____hunting _____obedience ____agility _____trials

Will you be attending any training classes?

Do you plan on keeping this dog primarily _____indoors _____outdoors?

Where this dog sleep?

Will this dog be tied up?

Are you willing to take the time to groom this dog?

Are you willing to take the time to keep this dog socialized, and well adjusted?

Will your Home insurance allow Chows? Please call and find out. 

When you go on vacation, who will take care of this dog? Will it go with you?

If you had to move, are you sure you would secure a new location that allows pets?

IF you are no longer able to keep this dog, what will you do?

IF you pass away, is your dog's well being included in your will? What will happen to the dog in that event?

Will this dog be used in any breeding program, or bred at all?

Do you mind if I or a friend comes to see your house, where the dog will be kept?

Do you have any credit problems that will inhibit this dog from getting necessary medical attention should it ever require it?

Do you have a regular vet?




List 5 references (not family) with phone numbers, that can vouch for your well being (one should be a vet)?  

Please list them below:








At what age would you like to get a puppy?

Sex wanted: _____ female _____ male _____no preference

Coat type: ____ Rough _____Smooth

Coat Color: ____Red ____Black ____Cinnamon ____Blue ____Cream

Have you considered an older dog instead of a puppy?

Do you plan on boarding this dog? If so why?



Thank you for investing this time in your search for a new puppy/adult Chow.

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