Rainbow Chow Puppies
All our breeding stock is health tested and puppies are only available to approved homes. We do not breed on a whim but plan our breedings for ourselves and any puppies not kept by Rainbow Chows will go to well screened homes. Rainbow Chows stands behind every puppy they produce.
If you would like to be considered for an upcoming litter feel free to email me.
Below are some typical Rainbow Puppies
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Nothing makes a breeder happier than to see the joy that a well bred puppy can bring families. Here are some Rainbow chow puppies with their new families.
Smooth puppy with owner Calvin Harris
"Mitchells with "Peaches"
Amy with "Lola"
The Clear Family with "Winnie"
Issac with the Bustamante's
Izzy with Brad
"Spike" with Charles and Amy
Miyah and Tiyah with the           Weber family
Toby with Lena and Tim