Please show your support for Tank the Therapy Dog! Tank and his handler do not accept money for his services, but he (we) would be proud if you were to wear his official T-Shirt! Also the $1.70 profit from the sale of the T-Shirt will keep him rolling in liver! Thank You! 
Tsank’s First Attempt at Fund Raising

Tsank went to the Raleigh Fairground on March 5, 2011 so that he could dance and kiss to raise money for NY Pals and NCRAOA (and other rescue organizations). 
At least 200 people came through and spent time with Tsank. He kissed at least 20 kids and 30 adults and allowed all 100+ people (who wanted) to pet him. He danced like a pro without music and on a leash. 
We discussed the strengths of buying a family pet from a breeder (many questions about that topic) in order to best capture structure, health, purpose, and temperament. 
We were also able to educate countless people regarding rescue, responsible ownership, the therapy dog certification process, and the rescue organizations he represented. 
Tsank loves all dogs so he wasn’t fazed when incalculable people asked, “Are you a Shar-Pei?” That was the most frequent question, which allowed us to chat about the difference between a smooth coated chow and a Chinese Shar-Pei. 
Next time, we promise to share how the AKC embraces both pure breeds and mixed breeds by sanctioning so many enjoyable sporting events. After all, we share the same respect and love for our furry family members and fight hard to end animal abuse and neglect.
No, Tsank is not a Shar-Pei. Tsank is a smooth coated Chow Chow; my heart and soul, which is shared with his dad, Trooper, Uncle Tai, and Aunt Akira. Tsank represents them well and we hope to continue to dance into the public’s heart in order to help his animal friends.